NOVALASH American Volume® (FULL SET)

♥Waterproof and Oil Proof Eyelash Extensions

♥ Award Winning Treatment

Beautiful, full, feathery volume with varying lengths, textures and durability. American volume extensions have a smaller diameter, which allows for multiple extensions to be applied to one natural lash. American Volume extensions are made of a dark black synthetic fiber, which creates a thick, dark lash line.


  • Soft and supple texture
  • Extremely light weight
  • Excellent choice for sensitive eyelid skin
  • Maintains curl when wet
  • Longer lasting
  • Smaller diameter than Classic extensions
  • Better flex and curl
  • Wider volume and thicker look
  • Does not poke or irritate skin
  • Last longer and less retouching




Please allow 2 hours for the Full Set Treatment (Including First time Consultation)

With NovaLash there’s no need to avoid oil-based products.Even apply oil directly on the extensions, no problem.

NovaLash was developed by a team of physicians and scientists in 2004 and has the only physician-developed training in the industry.

Voted #1 more times than any brand. Our patent-pending Platinum Bond adhesive is the only lash extension adhesive to win an award for innovation.


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